World Corporate Golf Challenge Final in Cascais

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World Corporate Golf Challenge Final in Cascais

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World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) Final, for the second year running, will be held in Cascais, Portugal, from 21 June – 26 June 2016. Players and guests from over 50 countries will be able to enjoy the many delights that this wonderful coastal town has to offer.

The World Corporate Golf Challenge represents one of the biggest corporate golf tournaments in the world. Since its inception in 1993 WCGC has grown to such an extent that over one million golfers have taken part in more than fifty countries. The 2016 World Final represents a fantastic opportunity for players to represent their company and country against other corporates from around the world. Participating in the World Final is an experience of a lifetime. Last year’s World Final was held for the first time in Portugal, and the WCGC organising committee is thrilled to once again be bringing the event back to Cascais.

Cascais is a must-see destination for any visitor to Portugal. Offering beautiful beaches that range from sheltered coves to miles of dune-backed sands, visitors can immerse themselves in a variety of quaint villages, unparalleled history, and unspoiled forests. A former small fishing village that was regularly frequented by the Portuguese monarchy during the 19th century, nowadays Cascais is a lively and cosmopolitan town that still preserves a great deal of its earlier aristocratic atmosphere.

Carlos Carreiras – Mayor of Cascais

“Cascais is truly happy to welcome the World Corporate Golf Challenge for the second time in a row. We hope (and we are, again, seriously working for it) that all participants will enjoy their time in Cascais. A place you already know is much more than a premium venue for golfers. As we like to put it, this is simply the best place to live a day, a week or a lifetime. Be most welcome and may everybody join us in our town: Cascais.”

Jose Guerra – Chairman of WCGC

“We are delighted to once again bring the World Final to the spectacular Lisbon Coast and in particular Cascais. The 2015 World Final was a huge success thanks to the fantastic support from our Host Destination, Cascais, as well as our other sponsors and partners. We look forward to working with them once again in 2016. I am certain that the World Corporate Golf Challenge will provide a great platform to continue showing what Cascais has to offer to the global corporate golfing audience.”

Harry Lloyd –Event Director at WCGC

“I am extremely excited to be working with Cascais, as we look to produce yet another memorable World Final. Cascais is an extremely special place and we look forward to showing this to the competitors and guests in attendance, as well as the watching world, in 2016.”



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Weather in Cascais

Cascais has throughout the year a comfortable climate for outdoor activities. Especially during the summer temperatures are great. The days are long, warm and the beaches are windy and therefore ideal for water sports.

The Guincho wind is a thermal wind, caused due to an extreme temperature difference between the sea and land creating a difference in pressure above the beach. This means that if there are clouds above the land the thermal effect will be less strong. During the summer months Cascais has lots of sun, ensuring a very strong wind almost every day! Not only kitesurfers and windsurfers enjoy these strong winds, also natorious sailing cups, such as the America’s Cup, have discovered the famous thermal winds of Cascais. This spectecular event is definately worth visiting. Rent your villa in Cascais in time!

Usually the wind is less strong at the golf courses located further from the sea. A gentle breeze will keep your round of golf pleasant though.

In the table below the temperature, rain, wind and wave averages are displayed.