Rosemary 22 Chiado


The original building is a post-Pombaline construction, dating to the second half of the eighteenth century, having had later interventions of neoclassical features in the nineteenth century and others, more recently, in the last century. It is characterized by a base type structure “Pombal cage” consisting of a wooden three-dimensional cross linked lattice connected by stone masonry walls, based on a vaulted basement. It has six floors and an attic, being the lower floors designed for commerce and services and the upper ones for housing.

The building preserves its heritage value due to a comprehensive and careful renovation. In the dwellings, the renovation is based on contemporary concepts of modernity, favoring comfort and functionality through, on one hand, a careful selection of materials and equipment, and, on the other hand, taking advantage of the wide aspect providing the environment with light and views of the city of significant quality.

T2 Duplex
Area –148 sqmt

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