Baixa / Chiado

artArt 138
Close to Santa Justa lift, São Jorge Castle, Rossio, Sé and Chiado, Art 138 is located in one of the most charismatic city districts. This is a excellent opportunity to invest in one of the most traditional areas of Lisbon.



combo1Combro One
Combro One is located in the borough of Santa Catarina in Lisbon. Close to Baixa, also known as the Pombaline Lower Town, is highlighted by its big sunny squares and boulevards.



Rosemary5Rosemary 22
Rosemary 22 offers unique apartments, combining traditional charm with finishing materials that inspire a balanced environment of modern comfort.



Amouraria8Amouraria – Jardim do Lagares
Nearby a quiet square, high walls hide a wonderful secret. Pass the gates and discover a large roof garden with a swimming pool, a spa and a fitness room. A unique privilege for the few who invested in this area. Amouraria consists of two renovated buildings of the nineteenth century and of a modern building, with the main characteristic of being the only private condominium with a large garden, a pool and parking facilities in the historic centre of Lisbon.

bacalhoeirosBacalhoeiros 99
To live in the Baixa of Lisbon is to enjoy a romantic and lively atmosphere of an extraordinary host city, rich in culinary temptations, theater, museums and outdoor walks.