20 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Portugal

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20 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Portugal

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Did you know that purchasing property in Portugal could enable you and your family to become Portuguese citizens? This is one of many reasons why an investment here could be a very wise decision.

So, if you’ve been considering relocating your family or making that investment in a holiday home, retirement home or a home you can rent out for extra income, you should really consider Portugal. The reasons are overwhelming:

  1. A Portuguese passport for the whole family. Our top reason for investing in Portugal has to be the fact that if the head of the household qualifies for residency, all dependents automatically qualify without any additional costs.
  2. A secure property market. Possibly the most important reason you would want to invest is that Portugal has a proven and secure property market with an average property growth of 15% per annum over the last 15 years. Not too shabby.
  3. High rental income. Rental yield in Portugal on average remains one of the highest in Europe – you could rent your house out a good few weeks of the year and even more if it is in a prime spot like Cascais.
  4. It’s a peaceful place. According to the 2015 Global Peace Index rankings, Portugal is the 16th most peaceful country in the world, boasting one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. In fact, Lisbon was recently voted the safest capital city in Europe.
  5. One word: golf. Portugal is undoubtedly one of the world’s top golfing destinations, with more than 50 world-class golf courses already built or under construction and many more in the planning phase. If you enjoy the sport, there is probably nowhere else in the world that caters better to your golfing needs.
  6. Sport is big. You can also enjoy many other sports, including most water sports, horse riding and even skiing in the north.
  7. Open space rather than crowds. Portugal has one of the lowest population-to-land densities in Europe, so even the major cities are not overcrowded and there is plenty of open space for all to enjoy.
  8. It cares about its environment. For many years, Portugal has seen a trend towards the development of the country’s renewable resource industry. It has considerable wind and river power resources, the two most cost-effective renewable resources.
  9. Relaxed immigration rules. Portuguese residents can also choose to live and work almost anywhere in Western Europe or Brazil, and can visit most countries without any restrictions.
  10. A low cost of living. Living costs, including food, drinks, gas, electricity, water and transport, are relatively low compared to most other European cities.
  11. The climate is unbeatable. Expect long, hot summer days cooled by the Atlantic breeze, and extremely pleasant winters. Short bursts of rain ensure that the landscape stays lush and green.
  12. A solid public transport system. Getting around the country is easy and pleasant, as public transport by road or rail is safe, reliable and affordable.
  13. Unspoilt countryside – both now and in the future. The Portuguese Government enforce strict planning regulations to ensure the beaches and countryside remain unspoilt – so you can be sure your investment won’t be tainted by hundreds of developments springing up around you.
  14. Life is good. Portugal has a wonderful laid-back culture of enjoying “the simple things in life” – good food, good wine, good company, sport, leisure, and plenty of natural beauty.
  15. High living standards. The life is good in Portugal is a fact! Lisbon has climbed four places in terms of living standards, according to the Mercer 2011 Quality of Living Survey, placing it above cities like Milan, Tokyo, Rome and Madrid.
  16. Internal flights are cost-effective. With flight times of less than three hours, a great choice of airports and low-cost airlines, the whole of Portugal is close, easy to reach, and affordable.
  17. A not-so-difficult language. Portuguese is not that difficult to learn. And once you’ve mastered it, Spanish and Italian will be a breeze!
  18. Easy, quick access to and from Europe. From Portugal, the rest of Southern and Central Europe are super accessible, so you can explore even more. And friends and family in the UK will have no problem coming to visit you as often as you want them to.
  19. No language barriers. Many Portuguese residents speak English, so you won’t have to struggle with language barriers.
  20. A place to call home. And finally – the Portuguese people are truly friendly and hospitable. You will feel welcome and “at home” if you decide to make Portugal your second or even your only home!

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